Orin Swift Saldo Zinfandel California (2007)

Orin Swift Saldo Zinfandel California

Rank:  2nd Place

Rating:  88

Approximate Price:  $28

Cutting:  A well-crafted wine featuring strong blueberry, chocolate, pepper and toasty oak characteristics and a nice long finish.

Orin Swift’s Saldo Zinfandel is a well-crafted wine featuring strong blackberry, chocolate, pepper and toasty aromas and flavors accented by a nice long finish.  Some tasters observed cassis, cherry cough syrup and spice notes.  There wee significant variations in opinions among our tasters with some, including our senior Zinfanatic, ranking it first, but one taster ranking it last.  This is a wine that many will love, but is not to everyone’s liking.

Orin Swift