Zinfandel is the all-American wine, achieving its greatest success in California.  When considering Zinfandel, we do not usually think about Australia which is known more for Shiraz, other Rhone varieties, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Riesling.  So it was an eye-opening experience a couple years ago when we had an opportunity to taste and be wowed by an Australian Zinfandel.  The object of our affection was the 2004 Rusden Chookshed Zinfandel from Barossa Valley.

A few years ago we were so amazed by the wine that we purchased a bottle in spite of its hefty price ($60+).  Last night we decided to open that bottle and see if it lived up to our memories.

The 2004 Rusden Chookshed Zinfandel Barossa Valley had lost a little of the power we remembered, but was still magnificent.  It features complex blackberry, blueberry, chocolate, spice and oak aromas and flavors.  The wine has great depth and a lovely long finish.  A truly great wine!

It appears you can still buy the 2004 through the Amazing Grapes Wine Store.