All of our Zinfanatics liked each of the Sonoma County Zinfandels tasted in May 2010.  However, in any ranking, something has to finish in the bottom group.  As you will see, our bottom four Sonoma County Zins included the two wines rated the highest by our senior Zinfanatic.  Listed in alphabetical order, here are the four wines that finished lowest in the rankings of favorite Sonoma County Zinfandels.

Ravenswood Zinfandel Old Vine Sonoma County (2007)

Rating:  84

Approximate Price:  $14

Cutting:  Pleasant with blackberry and plum characteristics

All of our Zinfanatic tasters liked this wine, but no one was excited by it.  Blackberry and plum aromas and flavors are evident in this medium textured wine.  Some tasters noted tea and woody characteristics.

Rodney Strong Zinfandel Knotty Vines Sonoma County (2007)

Rating:  85

Approximate Price:  $17

Cutting:  Light with pepper, cherry and blackberry traits

This light wine is notable for its peppery cherry and blackberry aromas and flavors.  Some tasters observed earthy, herbal and coffee notes.  Another wine liked by everyone, but loved by no one.

Rosenblum Zinfandel Sonoma County (2007)

Rating:  93

Approximate Price:  $15

Cutting:  Powerhouse wine, but not for everyone’s taste

All our Zinfanatics said this was the most distinctive wine of the tasting.  The distinctiveness was great for some; not for others.  The strong nose immediately gained our tasters’ attention.  Our senior Zinfanatic loved this wine, ranking it first in the tasting.  Some Zinfanatics observed strong blueberry, raspberry, cherry, vanilla and spicy aromas and flavors.  However, others described the nose as “chemical.”  Most who found the nose unpleasant enjoyed the flavor.

St. Francis Zinfandel Old Vine Sonoma County (2007)

Rating:  92

Approximate Price:  $20

Cutting:  You may love it or barely like it

Half the Zinfanatics, including the senior member, ranked this second of all the Sonoma County Zinfandels.  The other half ranked it their least favorite of the ten wines, but still did not dislike it.  The wine has black cherry aromas and flavors.  Some tasters noted coffee, leather, licorice and nutty characteristics.